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Apply for a 2023 Scholarship

Pay it Forward Scholarships provides scholarships for private pre-K through 12th grade students to attend any accredited private school in Georgia. Our mission is to give parents the freedom to choose the best educational environment for their child.  

Pay it Forward has distributed more than $15,000,000 in scholarships.

How to Apply for a 2023 Pay it Forward Scholarship: It's easy!

  • Complete the student application online before December 31st
  • You must upload your most recently filed tax return to the application
  • Each year, you will need to submit an updated application

Eligibility Requirements: In order to be approved to receive a Pay it Forward Scholarship, a student must meet the eligibility requirements as set forth in the law which governs our program and by which we operate. Once a student qualifies in any category for a scholarship, they remain qualified for their entire school career.

  • Students must be Georgia residents
  • Students in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade are automatically eligible
  • Students in 2nd grade and above, must have either:
    • Received any scholarship previously
    • Attended public school for six weeks prior to enrolling in private school
    • Been homeschooled for one year prior to enrolling in private school

How to Estimate the Scholarship Amount:

Your student will receive an equal share of the scholarship funds donated to your school.  For example, if we receive $10,000 in scholarship funds for your school in 2023, and there are 10 approved students, then each student at your school will receive approximately a $1,000 scholarship [less the 8% Pay it Forward Scholarships administrative fee allowed by law].

Income Limitations: Scholarships have caps based on the maximum amount published annually by the Georgia Department of Education ($11,903 for 2022) as well as a household's net taxable income

  • Under $30,000 = maximum of 100% of tuition and fees
  • $30,000 - $60,000 = maximum of 90% of tuition and fees
  • Over $60,000 = maximum of 80% of tuition and fees

It is Pay it Forward Scholarships goal each year to have all scholarship funds distributed by April 15th.

To help build the scholarship fund, encourage your family and friends to pledge their tax credit to your school!

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