Does Georgia Pay you to Donate?

Yes. Here's why. The State of Georgia has a constitutional obligation to pay for the education of every child in Georgia. The average cost per student in public school in Georgia is $8,983 per year. In 2013, according to the official Georgia Department of Revenue report, 13,019 students were educated using a Tax Credit Scholarship program at an average cost of $4,355.07 per year, saving the State of Georgia an estimated $62,745,170 in that year alone.

The State of Georgia will give you a dollar-for-dollar tax credit when you donate to Pay it Forward Scholarships. The tax credits are available on a first come, first serve basis. 2018 Qualified Education Expense Tax Credits were completely reserved in just one day and donors were approved for 55% of the amount they requested. In 2019, we again expect the tax credits to be completely reserved on the first day, January 2, 2019, and for donors to be approved for a portionate amount of the amount requested, likely under 50%.

Here are the maximum amounts you can reserve:

  • Individuals $1,000
  • Married filing jointly $2,500
  • Small Business Owners $10,000 per owner
  • Large Corporations: Up to 75% of total state tax liability

Select the school where you would like to fund scholarships, and the funds will be equally divided among all approved, eligible students who have a current and complete application with Pay it Forward. When you donate, you will receive both a Georgia state tax credit AND a federal charitable deduction. You will end with more money than when you started, and you will be helping students receive a good education.

Reserve your 2019 GA Tax Credit prior to the December 31, 2018 deadline.

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